Although aimed at the garden market this, all in one, multi purpose, tool sharpener is ideal for bringing all your bonsai / garden tools back to life. I have been using the same one for over three years and have a lot more trees to maintain than the average enthusiast and is still as good as the day i bought it.You no longer need to be an expert to sharpen your bonsai tools ,from sissors,knob cutters and branch cutters.You hold the flat metal guide against the underside not the cutting side and using gentle strokes until you see the sharpened edge appear, no excessive force is required ,no metal is removed and it can be used left or right handed.

It includes anti rust oil and blade care sponge cleverly contained inside the body of the tool,a must have sharpener for the bonsai enthusiast.

The added benefit of this amazing little tool is it can be used on kitchen knifes household scissors anything really that needs to sharpened.

Why not watch the demonstration  video on youtube,simply search,garden sharp.


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