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Model: ezo1
 FREE POSTAGE UK MAINLAND ONLY pre-seived no waste,pumice,the best medium for conifers and large bonsai as it is light in weight.used alongside akadama,kyriu . 14 ltr..
Model: KIR
Kiryu Bonsai Soil is a hard porous grit designed to enhance the drainage characteristics of your Bonsai soil mix. Its key properties are being pH neutral combined with an essential ability to drain excess water from the soil and retain an open soil structure.14 ltr FREE POSTAGE , CHEAPEST ANYWHERE..
Model: aka reg
 baraki brand ,notice the double line logo at the top right of the bag,hard quality pre-seived no waste, 3-5mm size particles,14ltr bagfree postage UK mainland only..
Model: ajaw
Genuine Japanese aluminium wire , colour will not fade and has good holding power, superior to other brands, all wire gauges are £14.00 each.I stock 1mm to 3.5 mm , if your require heavier gauge apply two wire's, much easier and less stressful to the tree.Ordering method, select wire. gauge and add ..
Model: ss3
Japanese  three piece stainless steel soil sieve set ,300 mm outer ring plus three inserts offering different grades of mesh.PLEASE EMAIL FOR POSTAGE COST OUTSIDE THE UK..
Model: Kanuma
This fairly soft volcanic growing medium is used extensively in Japan for Azaleas. Almost always used on its own with no other ingredients, this product is very free draining yet has the capacity to hold huge amounts of moisture within the structure of the grains. Neutral in PH with virtually no inh..
Model: TAM
PRODUCT INFORMATIONOUT OF STOCKMade in Japan tamping trowel is a bonsai tool used to level the bonsai soil after repotting and compress it slightly to firm it into place and help it resist dislodging during watering. A trowel is also useful in placing&nbs..
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