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Model: kim jun
SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD From  Kimura's garden a top quality tree ,please email for details.Tree Height 13"   Length 21"   Depth 22"Pot 9.5" x 6 "Styled by Bjorn Bjorholm ..
Model: kim ito
SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLDThe tree comes from the garden of Mr Kimura 's collection ,bonsai of this quality are only available at Wattston Bonsai.Tree height 18" . pot 12" x 2.5"..
Model: kimzui
Specimen Zuisho White Pine from Mr Kimura,a true specimen for a serious collector.I have been buying bonsai from Mr Kimura for twenty years and I have never seen a certificate with his name on it, the way I prove provenance is by taking a picture of Mr Kimura standing next to the tree in his ga..
Model: kimpin
SOLD,SOLD,SOLD Tree tree comes from the garden and collection of Mr Kimura , bonsai of this quality are only available from Wattston Bonsai.Delivery has to be arranged.TREE HEIGHT 64 CM , LENGTH 120 CM , DEPTH 70 CMOVAL POT 64 CM . X   35 CM . X . 7CM..
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