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Specimen Maples

A selection of high quality maple bonsai from some of the most important nurseries in Japan.

Model: SMM1
Specimen Mountain Maple ,bonsai of this quality are rarely available, perfect bark no marks or wounds, beautiful healthy foliage .Height 20" , width 32" , depth 25"Oval Japanese pot 17". x. 13". x 3"Please email or call for delivery info..
Model: bm1
Specimen Mountain Maple , superb addition to any collection , bonsai of this quality  are rarely available.Tree height 38" , Width 36" , Depth 35"New oval pot  24.5". x. 19". x. 3.5"Please email or call to discuss delivery..
Model: tridg01
Trident group, fantastic quality rarely seen  , the right trident foliage type , good ramification 9 trees make up the group .  Please email for shipping costs outside the UK, ISLE OF WIGHT ,Isle of Man ,Scottish Highlands and Islands and Northern Ireland I do not make the rules regarding ..
Model: ts4
Tsumabeni maple , this is a truly beautiful cultivar that is a slow grower and makes it a great candidate for bonsai,   great spring and Autumn colour ,it has red tips in spring on lime green leaves in spring and early summer  , the Japanese call this "Red Nail". Reds of various shade..
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