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Delivery Information

I post trees Monday ,Tuesday and Wednesday ,this is to  allow the time couriers need to deliver before the weekend, no deliveries at weekend so the tree ends up in a warehouse until Monday, not a good idea .

INSURANCE. Because I am a professional licensed importer  , I insure the trees for safe delivery, unlike ebay ,Facebook  sellers  sold by Tom ,Dick and Harry, mainly DICK

Packaging method

I only use new double walled boxes, 

1, the tree is wrapped in a poly bag and taped

2 it is then placed on a heavy duty cardboard plinth on a bed of bubblewrap, taped securely and cable tied to the bottom of the box.

3 a cardboard wall then surrounds the tree and pot, the void is then filled with expanding foam ,I have never had a broken pot since using this method, the same method is used fo sending pots

4 inside the box pallet protectors are used to form reinforcement ,especially the top to prevent squashing , pallet protectors |\\\\9 see picture on latest article)  are right angle rigid cardboard ,it takes 45 mins to box properlY.

5 Large trees are sent on a pallet , inside a wooden box ( see picture on latest article )