Importing this year was difficult, As my son and myself were not allowed entry into Japan due to the pandemic, I had to purchase trees using photographs and a lot of trust.  I have over 600 trees coming in including Black Pine, which are allowed to be imported for now and have dramatically risen in price {sorry }.   The Japanese have strict regulations to follow to be able to continue exporting.  On the subject of costs Covid 19 seems to be a convenient excuse to increase prices, example, my shipping costs is normally £ 2500, due to supply and demand ( so I\'m told)  my costs have risen to £9700 for the shipping alone, assorted fees i.e Vat, Import duty, moorage, freight forwarding  etc, has still to be added, it was extremely difficult to find a ship willing to come to Grangemouth.  Before I started to Import I was told you could buy Bonsai on every street corner ( if only), and that Bonsai could be bought cheaply, this is utter nonsense.  Due to the delay in securing a ship the trees will arrive around 4 weeks later than usual in April 2021.

Update on the container, the problems on Suez Canal has caused the container to be delayed for around four days.

Please watch site for updates regarding new stock


Yes it's true , the trees arrived on Friday morning and are in fantastic condition considering the length of time inside the container, pictures show the poly tunnel which will be their new home for a while, Varieties include, Black pine , "Corticosa" black pine , White pine, Itiogawa juniper, needle juniper, hinoki ,  hinoki "sekka" on rock, trident , trident on rock ,mountain maple ,seigen, deshojo, pomegranate, stewartia forrest ,cork bark elm , cork bark elm on rock,  azaleas , white beech and ginkgo.