In July this year I visited Japan, normally I would go in October,I knew it would be warm but , I never expected the heat and humidity I experienced. 

The first day I visited Yoshida-en , a well respected Azalea grower, one of my customers had given me a list of varieties he wanted for his collection,  next was Kimura - en   (another Kimura) where I found a large Corkbark elm for a customer and then onto Yourozu .- en , maybe the best Shohin nursery in Japan.

Day two of to Yata - en  a very well stocked and clean nursery,I purchased Ginko, Stewartia ,Junipers, Hinoki, Pines, and  Azalea ,next port of call Koume - en a well stocked nursery , here I  purchased Trident Pines ,jJuniper ,Premna  and Rhus.

Day three I purchased Bigei pots and the visited Negishi -en and Takahashi and Murakawa buying ,Zuisho ,maples,juniper,punica,White Beech, deshojo .

Day four today I visit Mr Kimura ,Seiji Morimae Uchiku - Tei Bonsai Garden and view the Iwasaki colllection,trees purchased White Pine Raft ,Itoigawa juniper and Hinoki.