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14 Apr New stock arrives 9/4/24
dougie 0 858
New stock arrived 9/4/24 a bit late due to the chaos on the Red Sea,pictures of Black/white pine ,Kyohime ,trident ,deshojo, Shishigashira,mountain ma..
15 Jan Buying trip  in Japan October 2023/2024
dougie 0 2917
Hello , please have a look at our recent buying trip to Japan October 2023 ,my son and myself went to Takamatsu which is a city on .Shikoku island fam..
29 Apr New Stock April 2023
dougie 0 2628
Our container for 2023 arrives !!!! now the hard work starts !..
30 Jun Japan buying trip 2022/23
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Please have a look at my recent buying trip Please have a look at my recent buying trip to Japan 3rd August 2022, a visit at Kimura's garden, i bought..
14 Apr New stock 2022
0 5298
New stock now being listed on webshop, i have seigen ,deshojo,tsumabeni , trident , mountain maples,  azalea juniper and pines SPECIMEN trees include ..
03 Mar New Stock 2021
Wattson Bonsai 0 2252
Importing this year was difficult, As my son and myself were not allowed entry into Japan due to the pandemic, I had to purchase trees using photograp..
18 Mar POTS
Wattson Bonsai 0 2170
Here you will find pots from well known makers ,some no longer available.Yamaaki suibans,yamaki,reihou,shuhou,bigei,kozan,eimei,yamahusa and more..
28 Mar Japan Trip 2018
Wattson Bonsai 0 1578
A selection of bonsai trees available March 2019, a 20% is required to secure a tree please email for more details...
Wattson Bonsai 0 1563
In July this year I visited Japan, normally I would go in October,I knew it would be warm but , I never expected the heat and humidity I experienced. ..
20 Oct Bjorn Bjornholm Workshop 2017
Wattson Bonsai 0 1404
The workshop ran from the 15th to 17th of October and was organised by Robert Porch ,everyone who attended the workshop would like to thank Robert for..
01 Jan Trees
Wattson Bonsai 0 1352
Please enioy the pictures, the trees represent a small slection of new stock available 2017, email for more info, thank you for looking...
01 Jan Japan Trip 2016
Wattson Bonsai 0 1301
Well ,here we are again back in Japan on another buying trip,it is always difficult to know in advance what to buy or even know what will sell,bit of ..
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